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We invite you to invite you to enjoy the following books by author Rachel Renee. Whether you are new to the dating world, haven’t had success or are looking to avoid the common mistakes that women make that end up ending their relationship, the She Rules series will give women the confidence to succeed, while going on a relatable and entertaining journey, where author Rachel Renee does all of the dating for YOU! And, we encourage all of our readers to participate in our discussion forum here.

We are confident you will not only revel in the following books, but stay tuned as She Rules III will released later this year! SHE RULESDating is HARD! But not anymore! Rachel does all the dating for you and gives you all the secrets that will have him coming back begging for more. No more sitting around waiting for his calls. No more being dumped. These tested techniques will have him calling you non-stop and you will be the one doing all the dumping.

Whether you’re new to the dating world, tried it but had little success, haven’t dated in a while, or recently out of a long-term relationship and have forgotten how to date SHE RULES will help you regain your confidence and give you the tips you need to succeed.
Get a hilarious look into real life dating scenarios. Discover all the tools you need to get what you want out of him.

This witty, controversial, direct yet truthful and effective guide to dating reveals concepts to help you understand men in an entirely new way and how to keep the power in your hands. It’s YOUR way or NO way!

Soft Cover: $14.99
EBook: $9.99


You know how to win him, but now do you know how to keep him? Every successful relationship takes work, but exactly how much work? And how do we maintain the love in a relationship after years of being with the same person?

SHE RULES II looks into the most common mistakes women make that ultimately end up costing them their relationships. Here you will find sound advice on how to avoid these mistakes entirely in an effort to redeem your relationship!

If you’re beginning to lose confidence in your relationship and think it just might be headed for disaster, it’s time to act quick! If the grass is beginning to look greener on the other side, it’s high time we begin to water our own grass and watch it flourish! Let’s regain our hope by giving ourselves a fresh start to actively keep love alive! Let’s not give up on love or our relationships. Just as we continue to grow and evolve in a relationship, so does the love you share with your partner.

It will take some effort, but your relationship is worth it! What do you say we revive it and begin to enjoy each day of it!

Soft Cover: $14.99
EBook: $9.99


One of the worst pains in the world, is going through heartbreak. Have you ever been through a breakup? I mean a really bad one. Where you find yourself crying at night until you can’t cry anymore, you can’t work, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep and you can barley think straight because your mind is all over the place. She Rules III will walk you through your way to becoming you again. Get on track to finding who you really are, what you want out of life and then stepping into it and transforming into that new woman that lives with new purpose. She Rules III will help you get your fire back! You may feel like you’re going through this breakup alone, but trust me, you’re not alone. Let’s get through this together, hand in hand.

She Rules III will be available for purchase soon!