Afraid to Love

Are you afraid of love? Afraid of being loved or afraid of loving back? Afraid to admit you once loved or afraid to admit you once loved THEM of all people?
Love is a crazy thing. As children we long for it but as adults we run from it, why is that?
We crave love internally but reject love externally. For some, love is a high, a drug, a feeling of such bliss and yet for others love is pain, sorrow, sadness and hurts so bad.
What is love? That we all want so badly in life but at first sight reject. A fear to many yet wanting it so badly.
There’s no denying it’s what keeps the world turning. Were all eventually one day in pursuit of love, wanting to be accepted without being judged and not wanting to grow old alone.
Love, a four letter word yet how do you define it? A word that makes no sense at all to the brain but is seems so simple to the heart.
Love.. What is love? Or maybe the question is who is love? We’re all capable of love, aren’t we?
God is love.. A complicated answer to a complicated question