You can rely on God but can He rely on you?

As many of us know and can attest to, when we are down, broken, desperate, in a tough spot etc.. this tends to be the time we cry out to God. “God, if you’re real, help me.” “God if you can hear me, please do something.” “God I just really need a break right now.” And we should all know, that yes, although it is great to cry out to the Lord when we’re in a valley, scraping by in life, your relationship with God should be a partnership, not a one way street. We are so quick to cry out and ask for a blessing, “God help me pay my light bill this month” and he hears you, and miraculously your light bill is paid that month. He provided you or someone close to you with the funds to take care of it. But here is the thing, He needs you as much as you need Him. As much as we want to rely on God, depend on God, and trust He will show up for you, He too wants to know that He can rely and depend on you and trust you to show up for him. He wants to know that when your neighbor is crying out for their light bill to be paid the way you once cried out, that He can bless you with the extra funds and you will pay your neighbors light bill the same way He sent someone to pay yours. But instead where most of us find ourselves is getting blessed and not blessing our neighbors. We get blessed and now we want to call up our friends and have dinner and drinks, that’s how we want to use our extra funds, on ourselves. So quickly we forget how someone showed up in our time of need. Meanwhile your neighbor is sitting at home in the dark using candles as lights. Then God has to bless someone else and send someone else. Why do we think it’s okay to rely and depend on God without giving Him the same in return? He blessed your neighbors mom with the funds to do it but she doesn’t have a good relationship with her daughter so she decided to keep her “blessing” and go about her own business. He then blessed you with the funds to help your neighbor but instead you spent it on yourself. So now he is sending a complete stranger to go out of his way to do it. God blessed 3 people to all do something and only ONE person responded. This is why The Bible says, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” [Matthew 22:14]. He called you to do something for Him but you proved to be unreliable. So next time, he knows not to bless you to do his work. And when you sit there wondering why you’re not being blessed, why you’re not getting the break you need, why God isn’t coming through, don’t get mad at him and say “well God must not exist because he isn’t answering me.” No! He is not your sugar daddy! If you want a sugar daddy, you’re in the right place to find one, on Earth.. But don’t think you’re gona find your sugar daddy in heaven because that’s not gona happen…

I just really had to share with you guys that if you dare allow yourself to depend on God in your time of need, return to Him what you expect of Him. This is a partnership. You need Him and He needs you. He will give you what you need and what you ask for, but also be willing to give Him back what He needs and asks of you. We are merely hypocrites if we think we can ask of Him but he cant ask of us. How dare we treat our God like that. Us parents know how annoyed/upset we get when we call out to our children and they don’t respond or do what we asked. In a similar manner how do you think God feels when he calls out to you, his daughter, to you, his son and you don’t respond or do what is asked of you? God will continue to bless those He can get his blessings through. He will continue to bless those who will reach others with their blessings, those who allow their blessings to be shared. Don’t treat God like a one way street, He is not your sugar daddy! Have more respect for your God! May you be to Him, what you need Him to be to you.. reliable.. dependable.. responsive etc.

I pray you receive that and really understand the blessings you may be missing out on so you can turn it around and begin receiving. He will pour out blessings so much so you can’t contain them for yourself if you just allow Him to work through you. Try it.. Test it for yourself and see the truth in what I’ve just shared. In Jesus’ name I pray that for you, Amen!


What’s Your Role in Our World?

Have you ever took a hard look at yourself and truly asked yourself– who do you want to be in life? And I don’t just mean what kind of career do you want to have. I mean who do you truly want to be in this world and what role do you want to play in it? Because everyone plays a role whether you’d like to think so or not.

Imagine for a moment the world we live in as completely empty– and removing every person from it. Let’s set all the people to the side for just a second and label them, “The World’s Population.” So in our empty world, we know there are roles to fill. We all know the world we live in has poverty, criminals, evangelists, philanthropists, political leaders, rich, elite, poor and everything in between. All of these spots will be filled with the people we set aside called, “The World’s Population.” So my question to you is, have you asked yourself which role you want to play in life? Because it is a choice. The decisions you make everyday and the way you choose to live your life determines which role you will play.  And I challenge you to be mindful and understand your role and realize that you’ve selected that role for your life- consciously or subconsciously, but yes you chose.

How? You’re just playing the cards you’ve been dealt, right? Sure. We all start with the cards we’re dealt but it’s what we do with them that determines how far we’ll get.

For example: Some people are okay with not working and collecting “free” govt money with a set income– for those who are okay with this and see no issues doing so, these are the people that will fill this role of poverty. These are the people that will be seen as “lazy” and “unmotivated” by society but again, these roles have to be filled. Our world does not exist without poverty, someone will fill those positions.

Now there are people who are absolutely not okay with sitting at home all day not working. So these people will go off to chase their dreams and try to fulfill their passions or just make a living to be able to survive as comfortable as possible. How successful they become in their career is completely up to them.

There are other’s who are okay with scheming, lying, deceiving, stealing, double-crossing, backstabbing and harming their way through life. Their conscious is actually okay with being this type of individual. They can sleep at night without feeling any guilt or remorse. They wake up everyday and think up a new plan of who they will destroy today for their own personal gain. And because people are okay with living like this and being this type of person, these are the individuals who will fill the “criminal” roles of this world. Now let’s be clear, these people don’t have to be this way but they choose it for themselves. They choose to accept these traits as part of who they are and part of their identity and they choose not to care to change them or “better” themselves. Because it is a choice, they can wake up one morning and choose, “I will not steal today” and work towards that or they can not. They can continue waking up telling themselves and the world idgaf- and trust, they really won’t.  So again we reach into our bag of people labeled “The World’s Population” to fill these spots. Our world does not exist without criminals and without crime– someone will fill those roles.

So, I think you get the point. There are several roles to fill and the list goes on and on. But aside from which role you choose to fill, have you decided what impact you want to have on this world? You can choose to be one of 3 types of people while you’re here on Earth. You can choose to be a positive influence to others, uplifting, inspiring and leaving a lasting effect on people to be better and become better by spreading love. You can choose to be the complete opposite and effect people you come across in a negative way, tearing everyone down around you making people wish they never met you by spreading evil. Or you can choose neither. You can choose to turn a blind eye to everyone around you and live your own life in your own bubble and choose not to be concerned with other people’s lives. You can choose to live for yourself and ignore the world and it’s problems by living selfishly.

Again, the choice is yours. But I challenge you to take a hard look at yourself and the choices you make which determine the role you play and ask yourself are you truly happy with that? Are you okay with living a full life in the role you’ve chosen? If you are, great! If not–it’s time to make a change and do something about it!


With all the tragedy and devastation going on around the world from the hurricanes- where can I start?

My heart goes out to all of those who are effected. Sometimes as one person, you don’t know or understand how you can play a role in something so big that effects hundreds of thousands of people. I watch on TV and only see a corner of a piece of the reality going on and I struggle to understand my role in all of this. What I can do, how I can help, to what extent should I be held accountable and responsible for the solution?

We share this world we live in and in it, all we have is each other. When we go through such devastation, all we have to lean on is one another, to help each other get through. And through this all, I think that is the biggest take away. When people go through tragedy, even across the country, every human being should have a role to play in the solution. If we don’t have each other we have nothing.

I know there are a lot of people that don’t believe in God, but the bible does say in the end days there will be tragedy and devastation, there will be war, good will be seen as “bad” and bad will be accepted as “good.” I can honestly say in my opinion that this is an accurate depiction of the world we live in today. And when you don’t know what to do or what your role is, simply stand in agreement with others and pray. Prayer has gotten us as a whole through the toughest of tough times. And I can say that during these tragedies it is amazing to see the world stand together “hand in hand” and in prayer to be part of the solution.

But why wait for tragedy to strike simply to stand in agreement with one another? Why wait for tragedy to strike to pray for our country? To pray for those in need? To pray for our loved ones? To pray for ourselves? Why wait until we’re desperate, on our knees, in pain, to cry out to God?

I believe that if we truly took initiative to step up and take a stance and pray to The Lord without desperation being the motivator behind our prayers, we would truly begin to see remarkable things happen, both in the world and in our own lives. God wants you to want Him not just for what he can do but for Him. Yes, He will hear your prayers, yes He will answer them, yes He will get you through– but once you’ve gotten your answer, once you’ve gotten your healing, don’t just turn away and forget all about Him until the next desperate time.

I truly believe that if we didn’t turn our backs on God when everything was going good, that we wouldn’t see as much devastation and tragedy in our lives. If the only time we seek Him is when your forced to your knees in desperation, then those are the moments it will take Him to get through to you. If that is the only way to reach you, then that’s what it’s going to take. He is calling you. Don’t turn a deaf ear to Him. The Bible says “Many are called, few are chosen..” because He wants all of his children to come to Him, but only few of his children will respond and answer to his calling of them.

So yes, while this is great that we stand “Hand in Hand” let’s not let this be the only moment we do so. Let’s not let tragedy and devastation be the motivator for us to unite and stand as One. Let us continue a life of this, a generation of this, a movement of this- to stand hand in hand always, to stand in unity and peace and love ALWAYS. Let us seek God and call out to Him and respond to his calling ALWAYS- through the good times, the bad times, the sad times and the happy times. If we continue this pattern as a lifestyle, there’s no limits to what we can achieve and the hearts we can touch.

Until then, this will be my prayer: that we as a world, can develop into one, sharing one heart and one spirit, hand in hand, with our neighbors.


Amen ❤

Power 4 Youth Organization

One of my passions- I’ve recently discovered, is dedicating my time to organizations that touch my heart with the good they are doing in the community.

I came across Power 4 Youth in long Beach, CA. Essentially as a volunteer you become a mentor for a child/teen, as the organization calls “at-risk”, to be a friend and a role model to these kids, basically someone they can look up to.

I wanted to check it out and see what it was about; find my footing so to speak. I’ve volunteered working with kids before but “mentoring” these “at-risk” kids would be a new aspect.

Anyway as much as I would like to continue on to discuss the good they are doing in the community and for the children they are serving- I unfortunately can’t. I did make an appointment to attend orientation and meet with the individual in charge of matching the volunteers. Of course we were all given an application to complete and one of the questions asked if I had any children of my own- of which I answered “yes.” It was mentioned that parents are preferred candidates being they have experience dealing with kids. However when i followed up the next week to see how the application process was coming along, I was informed that my application had been denied due to the fact that I had a child.

It’s unfortunate that an organization would turn down an application for a volunteer due to the fact that they are a parent. It doesn’t seem right nor justified. And it’s also discrimination. But if this is how they operate then they made the right decision. I cant give my time to any organization that chooses to operate in ignorance.

Let’s hope the organization really is doing a good thing for the community –  and if so, that they continue to do so. In the bigger scheme of things, that’s all that actually matters.

Life Today is the Result of Yesterday’s Decisions 

Staring a beautiful sunset in the eye, experiencing the serenity of the ocean waves, it’s hard not to reflect on life- the past, the present and the ample opportunity the future has in store. You ask yourself “am I happy with my life?” “Is my life playing out as planned from the planning I did 5 years ago?” “Am I at the place I envisioned being at the age I am today?” 

One detail we’ve overlooked- our life today, no matter what age we are, is the outcome of every decision you have made in yesterday. Where you are today is the result of the choices you made along the way. If you are happy with where life is today, if your plans have become actions, if goals are being achieved and plans are – well plans are going according to plan. Then you know you are making the best choices for your life and you know you can trust your judgement and decisions for the future. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a glass of wine 🙂

But everyone isn’t so lucky.. I know I wasn’t at least when I reflected a few years back. I thought I’d be further along in life, I felt behind, like I hadn’t achieved my goals, and life wasn’t at where I planned it to be. And it happens. First step, acknowledge truth. Life isn’t always roses and rainbows. Setbacks happen, plans fall through, unexpected doors close on us, and hey life happens. But that doesn’t mean lay on your back and take it. That simply means during your next time of reflection, realize, acknowledge and accept where you are. Step 2- change it. Do something! And no, complaining isn’t doing something. Do something more than just complaining. Now that you have realized where you are, reroute yourself. Turn your plans into stepping stones, baby steps to achieving your goals, one by one. 

A few years ago when I reflected, I knew I had to do something drastically different. I had to not just make a change in life but I had to make a change within me to prevent myself from leading my future into another failed dead end. Not only did I have to reroute my direction, but I had to put my mind “under construction”. They say “so a man thinks, is he.” The way one thinks, effects how one behaves. And in order for me to behave differently, act differently and react differently, I had to think differently. Changing the way I think would be the only way I could change the decisions I was making and choices I was choosing. But I had to first ACKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT that I wasn’t doing something right. If my life wasn’t where I knew it should be, it was because of me and only me. My life is my choice. And I was open to accepting that the person I was, was not the right person to lead me into my future. I have a bright future full of opportunities and blessings waiting on me, and if I continued allowing that person to lead me, I would never see that bright future or experience the blessings waiting for me. 

Fast forward a few years, and I reflect again on life. “Am I happy?” “Am I where I want to be?” “Is life going according to plan?” The answer to all of those questions is now “Yes!” “Yes, yes and yes!” So I challenge you today to reflect and ask yourself those same questions. Are you happy? Are you where you want to be? Are the plans that you made for yourself 5 years ago, playing out today the way you envisioned? Is the person you are today, the right leader to get you to your promised land? If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know” then I would challenge you to put your mind “under renovation”. But what does this mean? For me it meant following my instinct, allowing the little voice inside to lead me and simply going with my gut. And all of that lead me to “The Word”. I relinquished control and handed the reigns over to “intuition”. I was being pulled down a road that I had been fighting my whole life. But the day I gave up the fight is the day my true life began. For me, “renovation” meant learning to be a person of integrity, it meant learning that what you put out in the world is what you will receive back from the world- so I began putting my best foot forward. It meant treating all people with the same respect all human beings deserve no matter how you personally feel towards them. It meant being the same person in public as you are behind closed doors. It meant doing the right thing even when no one was watching. It meant spreading peace and love and not gossip or hostility. 

I can’t tell you what “under contruction” will mean for you nor can I tell you where you will be lead once you make the decision to give in to your inner instinct, but I can tell you letting go of control will be scary. But walk in faith, and trust that the person that comes out of this experience will be the person who is going to lead you to your promised land. And if I’m going to be real honest – you never really come “out” of this experience, because becoming a better person is an everyday thing. The goal is to become a better you today, than the you you were yesterday. And you will begin walking into a brighter tomorrow! 

Black Writers on Tour 2015

What a profound experience it was to be apart of the Black Writer on Tour this year. As shown on the flyer Fionna (dear friend and fellow author) and I are amongst the youngest to partake in such event. So young, yet so driven and with just as much ambition as the older authors. Beginning dreams young and reaching for nothing less than the stars! Thank you to Dr. Rosie Milligan for letting us be apart of your annual tour!


Interview with KOLD Tucson News Now

I’m so thankful for the road ive been placed to walk down.. Trials and tribulations may come, but when you have been destined by the Lord and set specifically on your path by His hand, there is truly nothing that can stand in the way.. I wake up every morning grateful for my opportunity at true Life itself..

KOLD Interview