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New Dating Book Series Offers Proactive Insight For Women

By | August 20, 2019 

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2015 Tucson Festival Of Books Wraps Up

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) – The two day Tucson Festival of Books has come to an end.

Organizers say they believe more than 130,000 people showed up this year, making this book festival the 4th largest in the country.

Authors, Rachel Renee and Fionna Wright, made the trip from Los Angeles to showcase their books. And although this is their first year at the festival, they have been writing for years.

“It is something that I started as young as nine it was very therapeutic for me I have just always written it has been a release for me I am not good with expressing emotion verbally and writing for me has been therapeutic for me,” said Renee.

“I have been writing since as long I can remember, that has always been my escape I have always kept journals, written short stories and poetry of course,” said Wright.

There are more than just books at the event, food also drew large crowds.

But if you didn’t want to eat or read a book, life coach Robin Anderson was on hand to give advice.

“You deserve to live a fulfilling life it doesn’t matter what kind of drama is going on you deserve to define life on your own terms,” said Anderson.

Organizers have started planning for next year’s festival of books and they already have the dates set.

They hope to see you back at the University of Arizona campus in 2016 on March 12 and 13.

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Black Writers On Tour


What a profound experience it was to be apart of the Black Writer on Tour this year. As shown on the flyer Fionna (dear friend and fellow author) and I are amongst the youngest to partake in such event. So young, yet so driven and with just as much ambition as the older authors.

Beginning dreams young and reaching for nothing less than the stars! Thank you to Dr. Rosie Milligan for letting us be apart of your annual tour!