When a Tiger Shows its Stripes, It’s Definitely a Tiger

Often times, I like to sit back and observe how a particular person interacts with those around them. Do they smile in their face and drag their name through the mud as soon as they leave? Do they dish more complaints than compliments? Do they treat people close to them with gratitude or annoyance?

All of this tells me what kind of person they will be to me. I have no expectations from others, but I do like to know what I’m in for and what type of person I’ll be dealing with. At least this way, I won’t be surprised, stunned or hurt when my time comes to be dragged down like all the rest.. And believe me, my time will too come if that’s how a person has proven themselves to be..

So if you just sit back and watch a person interact with other people and pay attention to the way they speak to others as well as how they speak about others, you’ll have a very good idea how you will be spoken to and spoken about.. When a tiger shows their stripes, take them for the true tiger they are and don’t mistake them or convince yourself they are something other than what they are. Take them for who they’ve proven themselves to be…