“When it comes to relationships and dating, people seem to always feel comfortable discussing their private situations with me and asking me for advice. Since a young age, it seems I’ve always had a gift that allows people to open up their hearts to me which allows me to console them. I wrote “She Rules” because I wanted to give people my honest experience and opinion on dating. What seems so obvious to me, isn’t so obvious to others and my intentions were to share my experiences and knowledge in an effort to help people understand what may be a mystery to them.

The basics of dating and the basics of a relationship. Women sometimes feel so powerless when it comes to men. We get so wrapped up in our emotions that they begin to control us. We so easily forget that we should always be in control of our own emotions. It’s okay to love hard, but don’t lose yourself through it.

My goal is just to educate my readers. To teach them that they do have self-worth and they don’t have to sell themselves short for any relationship. True power comes from knowing your value and not accepting less than. Everyone deserves to be loved. But the key is understanding what healthy love is and not settling for less. A healthy relationship and true happiness begins within yourself and my goal is to help people understand this while also enjoying life along the way.”