Delving in Love

Love, a four letter word yet what strength and impact those four simple letters possess. Four letters that we all crave and subconsciously desire whether we’re aware of it or not. Yearning for that deep affection from your soul mate. The connection between two people who truly and deeply love one another can be everlasting. In fact, affirmation of being loved makes the world go round. We can run from it yet seek it at the same time. Chase after it, yet hide from it all in the same sentence. So how do we get past fears of love to engage in the purity of it?

One way is to become open and understanding to our own mistakes. Looking at each situation as an opportunity to learn love, to delve in the depths of love, understanding what it really means to love by demonstrating it. We fully understand what something is by learning and knowing what it is not. Thus if you know what it is not, you have deeper comprehension of what it actually is. How it is to be displayed, how it is to be spoken, and how it is to be presented. Only then when you truly understand love can you begin to give and receive it in its purest form with a genuine heart. And only then will your relationship climax to the highest mountain tops.