The World Needs You

We were all called here to do something, no matter how big or little you think it is. We all have different talents, different interests, different ideas and different gifts. Every person here today was called to share these with the world. Some people have dreams, goals and things they would love to do but just sit on their ideas. Not only are they depriving themselves but they’re depriving the world of what they have to offer.  Just because your dream may not be to be President doesnt make your dream less important. No contribution is too little. If all you know how to be is be a janitor, if all you know how to do is hair, if all you know how to do is drive a taxi cab– Your gifts are all still needed. This world would not function the same without any of those positions existing. As long as buildings and people remain- we will need janitors.. As long as people have hair- they will need their hair done and as long as people need rides- we will need transportation drivers. Every person’s gifts and talents are needed in this world. Please don’t deprive us of your gifts you have to offer, and moreso please don’t deprive yourself on what you have to offer this world.

We need people and most important we need you…

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